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Mission & Vision Statements

Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission

The mission of Catholic Education in Hamilton-Wentworth, in union with our Bishop, is to enable all learners to realize the fullness of humanity of which Our Lord Jesus Christ is the model.

The Catholic Community of Hamilton-Wentworth believes the learner will realize this fullness of humanity

If the learning process

- begins at home and is part of family life
- is nurtured in the Parish
- is anchored in the Catholic Faith
- takes place within the context of worship, sacraments, and the life of the Church is enhanced by the school community
- is embraced by the learner as a personal responsibility for life.

If learning takes place in an appropriate and challenging environment

- in which members of the school community exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ
- which reflects Gospel values and responsible use of human, financial and natural resources
- which promotes academic excellence and clear indicators of achievement

Our Vision

Learners from Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic Schools will demonstrate

- knowledge and practice of their Catholic Faith
- the capability of nurturing a strong family unit
- esteem, respect and responsibility for self and others
- academic competence
- the ability to listen accurately and express knowledge clearly
- independence, critical thinking and effective problem solving
- proficiency with technology in order to adapt to a challenging world
- the values, attitudes and skills for effective partnerships
- the ability to transform our society

To enable learners to achieve this vision, the faith community of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board will reflect

- the centrality of Jesus Christ in our lives
- the teachings of the Catholic Church
- exemplary role models
- social justice, respect and fairness for all
- a dedicated staff
- a curriculum that is dynamic, practical and relevant
- high standards
- an environment conducive to learning
- effective partnerships
- accountability at all levels