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Head Lice Info from the City of Hamilton

Head Lice Info from the City of Hamilton

The City offers a head lice clinic called Bug Busters. They recently updated our promotional material and changed one of their clinic locations. Please see the poster and bookmark attached. Please refer to for information and support. Here they offer fact sheets in English and several other translated languages.

Lice Awareness and other Communicable Diseases

Lice Awareness and other Communicable Diseases

Lice are spread by coming into close contact with someone who has lice or by sharing personal items such as combs, brushes, helmets, hats and/or towels of an infected person. Parents/Guardians are asked to check their child’s(ren’s) hair on a weekly basis to ensure they are nit and louse free. Please encourage your children to refrain from sharing helmets, hats, combs and brushes. Parents/guardians are reminded to inform the school if their child has head lice. We ask you co-operate by administering an approved treatments recommended by a pharmacist or medical practitioner when needed. Click here to view some facts about lice and click here for further information for parents/guardians about our Board’s new procedures. Click here to view a chart of additional communicable diseases. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Colella.


At times it is necessary to pick up your child during the course of the school day. Should this need arise, please submit a written request or contact the school by telephone to make the necessary arrangements. Children MUST be picked up at the office. The classroom teacher will send the child to the office at the appropriate time and the parent/guardian will meet the child at that location. We do not want children picked up in the school yard at anytime. These procedures are followed to ensure the safety of your children.


Students may be assigned homework as the needs of the different programs require. The teacher may request that if work is not completed at school it be completed at home. Students will record their homework daily in an agenda. Parents are asked to sign agendas nightly. It is expected that the assigned work be completed.

Dress Code

All students should be neat and appropriately dressed for school as per school established dress code. In hot weather, walking shorts and a suitable shirt are appropriate. On days when the uniform will not be worn (civies or spirit days etc) please note that such items as cutoffs, tank-tops, halter tops, tub-tops, muscle-tops and mesh-tops are considered inappropriate for the school environment. Clothing worn by your children should be suitable for school and reflect the dignity and sense of Christian morality of the total school community. For safety and person hygiene purposes, students should have indoor shoes for the winter months. Also, we ask that students not come to school with shocking hair colour or styles as these pose a distraction to others. It is expected that students be in uniform everyday. A note from home must accompany any child not in uniform explaining why.


According to our Board’s School Health Procedures Handbook, any student requiring medication during school hours needs to submit two forms to the principal: one from the family physician, and one from the parents/guardian each school year.

Students Responsibilities

The students of St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for themselves and others. All students will be expected to demonstrate respect for authority, consideration and respect for others, good work habits, self-control and will consistently show good effort in all that they do.

To this end, students will:
1. Respect the ideas and respond positively to the achievements of others.
2. But forth their best effort tin all that is done during the school day.
3. Be punctual and consistent in attendance.
4. Demonstrate self- discipline.
5. Behave and speak courteously and respectfully to all members of the school community.
6. Bring to school and classes the necessary materials.
7. Complete and return on time, all homework assignments.
8. Maintain their daily agenda book.
9. Show respect and care for all school property.
10. Be aware of the consequences of behaviour.
11. Neither take nor touch another person's property without his/her permission.